In Loving Memory

Terriers life. He chased rats in the barn, ran and played all he wanted. He loved everyone. He self taught himself a lot of things and was a caring boy. We will miss you and always love you to the moon and back. We thank you Ms. Poteete for your true caring and professionalism.


Jinx was my first furbaby! She was by my side for 16 years and 13 days. She was my shadow. I gave her and her fursisisters the loving nickname “Golden Girls”, she being Marge, lol. With the love, support, and compassion of Dr. Poteete, she was laid to rest, in the comforts of our home, January 18, 2021. I will never forget her & will love her Infinitely! Thank you from the depths of my heart, Dr. Poteete

Jazzé Jinx

In memory of the many miles with my best hiking companion Koey. Thank you Dr. Poteete for your wonderful compassion


We had 4 amazing years of pure chaos with our beloved girl. She LOVED to snuggle, wrestle with her sister, annoy her brothers, and most of all, catch squirrels. There will never be another Fiona. We will miss her always. We love you sweet girl💟

Fiona (Luann)

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