A wonderful vet!! I love the option of home visits for my anxiety-filled furballs. Dr. Poteete is excellent - caring, knowledgeable, and affordable. I highly recommend her services!!


This was such a new and wonderful experience for me. My dog was so comfortable being in her own home! Dr. Poteete was so amazing! She was friendly and able to immediately help my doggy! The convenance and pricing can’t be beat thanks I’ll be calling you for all my animal needs now 🙂

Leslie S

Very professional, very capable of almost anything you have done at a vet's office. She is very patient and considerate when working with your animal. The rates are very fair, and we were pleasantly surprised when we got our bill. I don't think we'll be loading up our four pets and hauling them to a vet's office ever again!

Ayron D

Kare Bears mobile veterinarian is a great service. Dr Poteete was very thorough and caring with the examination of my 2 pets. This service is very convenient, affordable and you are in the comfort of your own home or property. I will definitely use this service again with my pets. Thank you Dr Poteete for offering this wonderful service to Polk County Georgia pet owners.

Ray B

I was referred to her through a friend and she was so down to earth. I love that she's honest and not trying to get you to pay for unecessary things. My Cavalier has CHF and she was very open with me about what to expect with testing and treatment. I'll be using her again for sure!!

Traci W

First, I called this mobile vet to ask for advice on my dog who was in dire shape, and I had no idea why. She asked if my dog had puppies recently, and thought that her calcium was low. She told me to take her to a clinic and they told me the exact same! She didn't even have to see my dog to know what was wrong! As if I wasn't impressed enough, she also gave 6 of my Siberian husky puppies their first round of shots for only $150! On top of that she later came by and dropped off some puppy kits that included heartworm, tick, and flea medication for each puppy. I would highly recommend this veterinarian to anyone looking for vaccinations or any help in general with animals. They are exceptional in both the quality and performance of animal care, this is an easy 5 stars.

Derek B

Dr. Poteete is awesome! She's very professional and caring you couldn't ask for a better veterinarian.

Regina D

Love Dr. Poteete! She is so caring and takes the time to really get to know you and your pets. Would highly recommend! Thank you Dr. Poteete! You’re awesome!

Nicole P

She is honestly the most sweetest caring helpful resourceful vet I have honestly ever met. Best of all she comes to you.

Lisa S

Highly recommend!!!!! Incredibly great experience.

Angela K

Absolutely the best! Lover her professionalism and her kindness! Couldn't ask for better for my fur kids!

Heather F

I know that no one is perfect but Dr. Poteete comes very close. She was kind, courteous, and you can tell she truly loves animals. She answered all of the questions I had and made it clear to where I could understand. Simply the best vet experience I’ve ever had!

LaDarius D
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